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Today, we live in a time when synthesized drugs and prescriptions prevail. But these medicines do not have to be the only approach to healing. More and more people find themselves turning to the power of plants. Just as a whole foods, plant-based diets can reverse many chronic diseases,  herbal remedies made from whole plants can have the ability to heal. These plants have been used from the ancient East to the modern West and can improve physical and mental well-being. When there is an underlying imbalance in the body causing disease, plant derived medicine can help bring back homeostasis and natural balance by using the synergistic effects of whole plant extracts. Rarely is an herb strong enough to kill a germ but when it is, its compounds are extracted and isolated to become a drug. However whole plant medicines have the ability to “nudge a person back to wellness”, especially when herbs are chosen and offered in combination.

At A&A Apothecary we marry science with nature to create herbal- and cannabis-based products that promote health and wellness. We use our expertise in medicine and chemistry to both formulate and produce our products in our lab. Our herbs and extracts are meticulously sourced and great care is taken in the production process. We also provide specific product formulations that are tailored to meet your health and wellness needs. 

Meet The Team

Amanda McKinney, MD

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Amanda McKinney is a triple board-certified physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery and Lifestyle Medicine who is also trained in Herbal Medicine and Cannabinoid Medicine. Dr. McKinney founded the Institute for Human and Planetary Health to improve both human and planetary by harnessing the power of plants, grown sustainably, for both medicine and food as a way to prevent and reverse disease and heal our planet.

Andrea Holmes, PhD.

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Dr. Andrea Holmes is a Professor of Chemistry at Doane University in Crete, Nebraska and is one of the co-founders and Chief Growth Officer of Precision Plant Molecules, a premier hemp extraction company that is focused on THC free and minor cannabinoids located in Denver. Dr. Holmes has given local, national, and international lectures and has published articles on cannabis education, terpenes, endocannabinoid system, major and minor cannabinoids, extraction methods, niche markets like using CBD for the pet industry, and unique topics that involve the rapidly emerging cannabis industry.


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