Bespoke Formulations

be·spoke  /bəˈspōk/

made for a particular customer or user

Each of us is unique. No other person shares our bodies, our lives, or our genes. Your health and wellness products should reflect that uniqueness and we can help by creating the perfect product just for you. Here's how it works...

  1. Choose from the categories below to complete your inventory of needs. We will create a specific product based on those needs and keep your special recipe on file.

  2. As you use your new product, keep track of your progress. Changes can be made for the next time you order.


First-time Formulation- $100

Formulation Adjustments- $15

*Product price is determined before it is produced and you will be notified of the price before we make it. Once you've paid, we will produce and ship your bespoke product.

Back Massage

Body Care

White Sands

Gut Health

Clean Bubbles

Immune Health

Skin Care

Yoga at Home

Mental Health


Reproductive Health


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