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What We Do

Industry Consulting

A&A provides global consulting for cannabis cultivation, extraction, and processing. Ask us about our work in the Philippines and Nepal.

Formulation Consulting

A&A can help you create unique botanical and cannabinoid-based formulations for your business. Ask us about our work with Love Hemp UK and SummaForte.

"Ask the Doctors"

You know your products and you're knowledgeable about the industry but potential customers are still largely confused and overwhelmed. We can add another level of expertise and credibility to your business to bring new customers in and keep them coming back. Ask us about our work with CBD Remedies. 

Personal Consultations

The world of CBD, cannabis and herbal supplements can be confusing and, quite frankly, overwhelming! We can provide you with reliable information about various cannabis-based and herbal-based products, including CBD. Drs. Holmes and McKinney can help you find safe, reliable, and effective products. 

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